“A little Sibelius, a touch of Grieg, while the rain lashes at this window pane; thee perfect sensory condition, to transform hidden thoughts into ink splattered trees.” – JD

“Writing poetry feels like words splashing upon a blank canvas, while a symphony howls in vain. For her true beauty can’t be seen, or heard- she is felt.” – JD

“And the wind of change is blowing…like a storm in the dead of the night, it leaves you restless. Vacillating between the anticipation of a brand new awakening and the fearful thought of destruction—you contemplate the contemplations. And your actions become calculated. And do you move? And do you become what you ought to? Or is this an illusionary moment predicated on the experience that existed once before? Breathe in, I dare you to feel the wind howling through your senses—it will ignite or paralyze your being. Choose. Either way, become present in this moment; you will never be what you once were.” – JD