Meet Janet

Hi, my name is Janet–welcome to the blog!

The Salted Rim Chronicle was born when I stopped listening to that self-limiting chatter in my head (often fueled by the opinions of others) and allowed myself a personal “do over”.

With the goal of throwing out my alarm clock forever, I set out to restructure everything in my life:

I wanted freedom

I wanted to travel

I wanted to create 

I wanted to learn

After nine years of full time study while working 60 hours a week, I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, and a Masters in Counseling Psychology. I left a high paying job, began working as therapist, and accepted a position as an adjunct psychology professor. As planned, my career shift allowed me to focus on my creative writing, and I designed the blog, but I wasn’t quite done—my ultimate “dream” was to write; I applied to Columbia University’s MFA Creative Writing Program and to my surprise, I was accepted! 

In 2016, I eagerly packed up my life and headed to NYC. My studies at Columbia centered on poetry, non-fiction, and photography. The program at Columbia shifted my perspective(s) on almost everything, and accepting their offer to attend was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 

I left Columbia having finished manuscript (a collection of poetry that aims to humanize the reality of mental illenss) and I will be sending it out to publishers over the summer!

Back to the blog—

One thing I’ve learned in my personal journey is that I am imperfect and I’m skeptical of  anyone who claims to have all the answers. If I claimed to be an authority on anything, I’d feel like a fraud. I’ve also become highly sensitive to the noise in World today, and don’t wish to engage in such chatter. 

As such, I hope The Salted Rim Chronicle becomes a place people visit to access art, recipes, stories, etc. without the obnoxiousness of typical social media racket. 

Thank you for visiting—sending you kind vibes and margarita love,


(fun facts about me listed below)


  • The “cocoon” (my bed) is my favorite place on the planet
  • Except for NYC, which might tie for first place. I heart  NYC and the fondue at the Bourgeois Pig (which update, is now closed—insert my sad face)
  • Okay, and the beach. NYC should be warmer. Maybe I belong in LA?
  • Tom Waits & Bukowski = genius. I’d like to be like them when I grow up
  • Actually, I’d like to be a hybrid of Bukowski, Waits, and Gloria Steinem when I grow up (that’s not going to be anytime soon, FYI)
  • I am especially fond of writing dark/depressing/ miserable/ trembling poetry (even though I know there aren’t too many people who want to read it)
  • If cigarettes weren’t bad for one’s health, I’d smoke—a lot, like, chain-smoke
  • I hate feeling trapped (physically, emotionally, or financially) – hence, being a starving artist isn’t easy for me
  • My natural hair is extremely curly—I’m struggling trying to embrace it—I’m trying to embrace sprouting grey, too, and neither are working 
  • Patronizing local business is super important
  • Travel is transformative and I need “to go” often, because I waited too long to begin experiencing World, and life isn’t a dress rehearsal 
  • This writer’s brain and body is fed primarily veg, organic, and GMO free foods
  • Authenticity allows me to sustain inner-happy 
  • Jameson & Ginger for poetry n’ prose
  • Margaritas are liquid Xanax
  • Tequila and salt water cures everything