April 8, 2016
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What is your vibe? What makes you feel at home? I think this is an incredibly important question. Understanding your vibe can help you make better decisions, creating a more fulfilling life and fostering inner peace. That said, we are conditioned by society to dismiss our vibe, and to adapt to our environment– a recipe for disaster.

In this blog post, I will explore the idea that one must honor his/her vibe to experience happiness. Unlike authenticity, a personal vibe is more than just “ being you,” it’s deeper. A vibe includes ones natural desires/pull in regard to weather, activities, belief structures, and emotions (to name a few).

Getting to know your vibe will help you live a life that is meaningful and rich. By failing to honor your  vibe, you may find yourself making poor decisions, living in stagnation, and settling – professionally and personally.

Like everything else in life, we learn from positive and negative experiences. In regard to the matter at hand, I learned from a negative experience. In short, I grossly dishonored my vibe, but I’ve gained insight.

Let me explain…..

Anyone who has followed the blog, knows my initial focus was “life stories.” Although I enjoyed writing the stories/material, I quickly became disenchanted with the creative process (the reason is irrelevant). As such, during this period I shifted the blog and primarily published poetry.

You see, poetry is my passion–my first love. I vibe with poetry. Yet with poetry, there is mystery and distance, which is rather comforting. A poet can explore the experience of life, without injecting his or her personal story (assuming one is not confessional in style), which was appealing at the time.

Anyhow, the long and short is I hid behind my poetry, and unwittingly ignored my vibe (my callings). In living behind my poetry (which comes naturally), my art collapsed. Sure, it was rather easy to compose my deep dark poetry in this state, but overall I was at a standstill.

While I was busy writing poetry, I was able to excuse myself from myself.

I didn’t have to make change.

Poetry is indeed a large part of my vibe, but it’s not my vibe entirely.

So let’s fast forward.

Recently, I took a road trip. This trip confirmed what I had been feeling, but ignoring– my vibe.

My vibe resonates with salt water, warm breezes, bicycling, dockside watering holes, sipping tequila acoustical music, random philosophical conversations with strangers, and of course, writing. On this road trip (which initially was booked with airfare), I honored my calling.  As such, I traveled in my jeep, in order to explore different areas, and to pay attention to my deep inner feelings. I wanted to pay attention to my vibe.

For instance, I’ve always wanted to go to Savannah– I went. While Savannah is incredibly rich with history and beauty, it’s not “my vibe.” In other words, I like visiting Savannah, but it didn’t beg me to stay. This is the same type of feeling I experience with Vermont– I love the beautiful mountains, and enjoy the brilliant people/conversations, but I don’t feel “at home.” However, when I was in Amelia Island in Florida, I didn’t want to leave– a feeling reminiscent of my stays in Key West.

One might challenge me and say, “Well, who doesn’t love an island paradise vacation?”  To which I answer, “Many.”

We all have different things we gravitate to.

I have many friends who are exhilarated by mountain climbing, enjoy snowy days, and love skiing/winter sports. Yet I pretty much shrivel up and die (internally) in the cold mountainous areas. Unlike my cold-weather friends, I feel alive in tropical weather and sitting on the beach– I’m home.

During this trip, I became keenly aware of what I want, and ultimately what my vibe needs. *Side note: needs and wants are different. And what you need is always more important than what you want, trust me.

Anyhow, I digress. 

What I learned on this trip is as follows: while I enjoy looking at pictures of people who camp mountainside, I prefer sitting seaside. By honoring these feelings as they came up, I was able to be present in my travels. As such, I was open to conversations and experiences– I became inspired. In fact, with so many stories originating from this trip, I’m finding it hard to stay on topic in this post (not surprising, since I haven’t shared this type of material in quite some time). 

Knowing your vibe helps you pick the right activities, friends, relationships, jobs, and scene. 

In the weeks to come, I’ll share more thoughts, stories, and experiences. I am on the move–traveling, making changes, gathering stories, and creating.

–Change happens.

If you look at the homepage of the blog, you will see I have made updates; the blog will include stories, poems, and of course, margaritas! 

Now that you have the extremely abridged backstory to this post, I beg you to explore your vibe.

Are you living where you feel at home? Will your current relationships work, if you truly honor /attend to your vibe?

Do you ever feel the mountains calling, or the city begging for you to be there?

Where are you now? Are you where you want to be?

What activities do you love?

Have you been running when you would rather be hiking?

Listen closely.

When we ignore our vibe, we stay stuck in our current conditions. We stay in relationships that don’t harmonize with our spirit, we live in areas that dampen our souls, and we remain chained to routines that deaden our living.

It’s not easy to push the envelope and to listen to your vibe– I get it.

Many of us aren’t in a position “to explore” our vibe, literally. Like many of you, I am not able to experience nearly as much as I would like to. That said, I can still hear what calls out to me, if I listen.

Having a  baseline understanding of what you feel innately, can help you create change.

In other words, try living harmoniously with your vibe.

After all, you can bag groceries in the mountains of Colorado, or on the shore of Mexico. You can ride your bike to campus in sunny Florida, or ride the subway in New York City. You can work your ass off for a promotion, or work to eradicate the need for material possessions.

There isn’t a right or wrong vibe – it just is.

And so I ask you– what is your vibe?
Can you see a difference between authenticity and honoring your vibe?
Have you ever knowingly dismissed your vibe? If so, how did this impact your life?

Hear your vibe and honor it.
Inner peace and happiness is directly connected to honoring your vibe.

Additional thought; stay away from people who don’t vibe with you– that’s a whole different blog post, but equally important to think about.

 Hoping to hear from you.

With peace, light, and good vibes to you all….