December 8, 2015
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See that picture above? That’s my life, before it happened. Dreams come true. I hope this article helps you “believe.”

So, I’ve been sitting on this story for a while. I wasn’t sure I wanted to share it. The reason I was reluctant to share the story, is because it’s rather personal. While I’ll write about some of my personal experiences on the blog, I generally don’t like to.

On my blog, I aim to give the reader something useful- it’s more about sharing recipes, ideas, poems, margaritas, life lessons….. that sort of thing. I don’t want the blog to be about “me,” per se. But sometimes, life lessons (things worth sharing), do come from highly personal experiences- I guess there’s no way around that.

After wrestling with my feelings for a bit, I decided to write the story. I felt this was a share-worthy piece, because it could potentially touch a lot of lives, offer perspective, inspire others, or give hope.

In addition, this story I’m about to share, began because I heard someone else’s story. At the time, I felt it wasn’t coincidence that I was hearing the persons experience- I felt I was “meant” to hear it. For in that moment, I needed to hear something positive. I needed to believe, that change can happen. In this way, I feel  it’s almost a duty, that I share my experience with others, too- pay the positive energy forward, if you will. 

At a minimum, this story is about magic, and the power of “believing” -perfect for the holiday season. 

While I’ve decided to share the story, I’m going to keep it short and to the point. Lot’s of pictures and bullet points, what an easy read!

So let’s get to it.

First, some facts:

Every thing I’m writing here is 100% true (always is)

I am not exaggerating one bit

If I say something was hellish, believe me it was 

The skeptic in you (I know, cause I have one too) will think things like “Well, my situation is much worse than hers probably was….” Do NOT listen to that voice!

I never thought this would work, either

My story will be rather generic- not going to get into all the details, but you’ll get the gist

Okay. So, in 2007,  I was living a hellish life- I hated my life. In fact, I was up to my eyeballs in debt, was experiencing debilitating anxiety and panic attacks (that kept me from doing things I desperately wanted to do), hated my job, and was in a horrible, horrible, relationship. I’d like to say I just snapped my fingers, and everything changed.

But, that’s not the what transpired.

Here is what happened: 

In 2007, I watched a show (I believe it was on Oprah) and it was the moment my life began to change. Interestingly, I never watch TV, but for some reason I caught this show. On the screen before me, a woman talked about how we can manifest our dreams. In other words, we can make our dream life, a reality.

As I watched on, curious, the woman showed us her “vision board,” or as others call it, a “dream board.” Again, I wish I could give credit to the speaker, but I can’t remember/don’t know who it was. Anyhow, the woman showed the viewers a poster board, made up of pictures of how she wanted her life to look. Apparently, after making the board, eventually all of her dreams came true.

Of course, I was rockin’ my inner skeptic (the one I warned you about above), and I was sure a “dream board” was bullshit. Yet, even though I was a disbeliever, I thought to myself, “It’s an art project. Just do it. Try it. What do you have to lose?” 

And so I did the following:

Collected magazines from friends and family

Sat in my library and thought about my dreams, my future, and cried…

(Yes, I said cried. I was in a really rough spot back then)

Made my own version of a “dream board,” by making a collage of magazine clippings, of everything I wanted my life to be

Put my dream board up in my office

Eventually, I got sick of the clutter, and put my dream board away

Fast forward:

It’s 2015, and I’m cleaning out boxes of photos etc., and guess what I find?

Yes, you guessed it. 

My dream board…. here she is:parade10 I hope she will inspire you, to create your own, and “believe.”

When I pulled this out of a box recently, I was blown away- it’s utterly mind boggling. Even though it’s been over 7 years since I made her, and stuffed her in a box…. this IS my life, today!

I am going to dissect this entire board with you (I’ll tell you what the pictures  with arrows represent), and then give you something to compare and contrast.

I hope she is “proof” that we CAN create our dreams, and motivates you to try this yourself. Believe! 


I wasn’t living the life I had always thought I’d live. As I said, I had a lot of anxiety about a number of things (including crowds, going places, taking risks etc.). I wanted to start boating again. The thought of being in an outdoor Jacuzzi, in the mountains, in the winter, seemed exhilarating! I love art (obviously), and wanted to start going to more art exhibits. And my Red Sox; I hadn’t been to a game since 1989!



Here is a pic from Fenway Park, seeing my Red Sox (and I’ve seen many, many, games since then)! That’s me boating with my family in Key West. Recently, I attended yet “another” art exhibit. And finally, that’s me and my family in a Jacuzzi…. outside… in the mountains… up near Canada!parade8


I missed music, desperately. As a songwriter, it pained me to turn down seeing concerts, but I hated the crowds (anxiety)- the guitar symbolized my dream to start attending concerts, again. I hated my job (and I mean hated), and wanted to go back to school; “A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste,” represented that wish. And finally, to see the Christmas Tree, in Rockefeller Center… truly a bucket list item, for me. parade7


Not only have I seen countless concerts since 2007, that’s me in the sound booth, chillin’ with Pearl Jam. While that’s my first picture of the Rockefeller Tree,  I’ve seen it many times now- each time, just as mesmerizing, by the way! And my mind… not wasting anymore! On the left, with my daughter, after receiving my bachelors in psychology, and to the right, with my friend Joela, after receiving my masters in psychology. Onto a doctorate I went after that (haven’t finished that, yet)!parade6


I wanted to start living again (more of the anxiety crap that was killing my soul), I wanted to go on adventures, see the world, see a sunset in Key West. I wanted to fly again. Seriously, I was f*cking terrified to fly, and I mean terrified! Finally, I wanted to ski again. I had a horrible accident skiing, and hadn’t been since 1988!

parade 2


I started traveling, again. I started flying, again. Not only did I start flying again, that’s me in the jump seat- in the cockpit of a huge jet! For, after I ended the awful relationship I was in, a couple years later, I started dating a pilot- below is the plane he flys… look familiar?! Bundled up, is me on the summit of a mountain; I’ve been skiing again for 3 years now! And last but not least,  that’s a Key West sunset I took, with my camera last year!parade3


Fondue. Boy, do I love fondue. At the time I wasn’t vegan, and I desperately love fondue, I wanted to have some again (hadn’t had it since I was a kid, and my mom made it for me, as a treat)! More palm trees, I wanted to spend time, experiencing island life. The “Time to Talk,” was career related. As I said, I yearned to go back to school; I wanted to become a therapist… I thought that saying worked well, for that idea. At the time, I was feeling very disconnected, and I desperately wanted to get healthy, and centered-  I wanted to learn yoga. Lastly, I dreamed of finding a good, healthy, calm, and loving relationship.



I found the place, that plays my favorite Tom Waits tunes in NYC, and they serve the most amazing fondue ~ It’s called The Bourgeois Pig (read about it here)! I still drink there, and admittedly, even as a vegan… miss the fondue. BUT, I experienced it before going back vegan, nonetheless! The “time to talk” was held in the office you see, below-  a picture of my very first office at a clinic, where I was a psychotherapist. I took so much pride in that office, I painted it, decorated it… I was so very happy! I learned yoga (clearly, as I’ve written about the practice, a lot on the blog). And finally, that pilot guy I talked about earlier… I married him! Not only do we have a most loving, stable, healthy, caring, and amazing relationship…. we got married under palm trees, on an island! parade4

And finally….


Since I was a little kid, I watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV. I’ve always wanted to go and see the clowns… feel the magic of NYC, on a fall Thanksgiving day. That said, I truly felt all of these dreams were just that – dreams. And so, I decided to cut out and include the word “Believe” on my board. I needed, and wanted to “believe” in something, again. Finally, I wanted to do more creative writing… you can see the hand, seemingly writing next to the clown.



Well, clearly, here I am writing! And there I was, with my family…. watching the  Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, in NYC. Interestingly, next to the Thanksgiving Day Parade sign, is the clown, just like the one in my picture. Finally, and so apropos, the float that reads ~ BELIEVE!parade

As you can imagine, when I pulled out this dream board, and started looking at it critically, I was shocked. It took me quite a while to get the pictures together and to deconstruct/reconstruct the events… but I think it’s worth it.

I hope my story, gives you something to believe in. I take all my light, love, and energy, and send it out to you. If you want to change your life, I beg you to consider this project ~ nothing to lose, remember?

That said, I suggest giving yourself time to think about what you really want. Give yourself time to reflect, cry (as I said I did), and get it all out.

Dream big.

Dream the things you think will always be “dreams”… I NEVER imagined my dreams would come true. Seriously. But they did. And now, I believe.

Obviously, there are a lot of  possible explanations, for why my dreams may have manifested. Personally, I feel it has something to do with intentions, and how experiences build/feed off of one another- positive attracting more positive. That said, It’s hard to look at the pictures (comparing and contrasting) and not feel it’s a little eerie (in a good way), that it’s seemingly a mirror effect.

I imagine, some would argue that I was at the point of being ready to make changes, so I did- simple. Others may believe, my changes came from the grace of God. Perhaps some believe change happened, because I was extremely focused, and determined to reach my goals- even if it was subconscious. 

Who knows?

Frankly, who cares!?

The bottom line is, my reality completely shifted.

My dreams came true. In fact, the dreams manifested in a bigger and better way, than I even imagined! 

The only thing that didn’t come true on my board, was the trip to Ireland. However, my husband is planning a trip to Dublin for us ~ awesome!

I am beyond grateful, for everything I experienced, and where I am today. I don’t take anything for granted. My world is abundant with love, peace, and curiosity… there is beauty in “the journey.”

And so, I am feeling like another dream board is in order. For dream boards aren’t only for sorting though a hellish time in your life (although I highly recommend for that), they are for manifesting your dreams, period. And that said, I’ve got more adventures to come ~ God willing! 

What are your dreams?

Are you willing to try this exercise?

Do you believe?

All of my peace, light, and love to you all!

Journey on,