November 6, 2015
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Well hello, all! I hope this post finds you well ~

There have been a couple changes over here…..

But not really, I guess….

It’s that authenticity thing, again….

Let me explain….

As some of you know, the blog is in its infancy stage. The response to the blog has been incredible, and I’m grateful. I find it utterly fulfilling, to be writing about the journey of life, and to be sharing such, with others.

Clearly, my work as an artist (writer), and psychotherapist is the foundation of this blog. That being said, there are also “themes” that seem to be consistent in my work. The Salted Rim Chronicle centers on the human experience- life, love, happiness, heartache, compassion, and connection.

One of my areas of focus, is how to live an authentic life. I especially enjoy critically thinking about how we manifest our realities, and enjoy discussing ways we can increase our personal well-being. One of my steadfast beliefs is that we should always (and I mean always, even if it’s difficult) follow our passion.

And I’m taking my own advice.

After reviewing the last couple months of blog-life, I realized one section of the blog was rather inactive. The section was labeled “explorations.” Now while I love to explore, and have been on countless adventures since the blog began, I didn’t want to write about such- it felt wrong, viscerally. Some of that feeling stems from wanting to give readers material that’s meaningful; I don’t feel that discussing where I’ve been, or where I’m going, offers others much. 

And so I thought about how to change that section. I wasn’t quite sure what direction to take, I didn’t know what I’d write about, in place of explorations. Sometimes I’m stubborn and resist change; I pushed myself to dig deeper….

I thought about what “moves” my being ~ what I’m naturally passionate about.

I thought about what I google, randomly, daily.

I thought about what I most enjoy doing with my free time, what fills my soul…….

I thought about what is meaningful to me, that is helpful to others….

And here we are.

~ It’s food.

I have strong passion for food- I enjoy reading, discussing, and gaining understanding about food. I enjoy creating food. I enjoy exploring, yes…. in order to get to food! I guess I’m a foodie, at heart.

That being said, food ties into my blog work; the connection between our food consumption, and our overall wellness, is directly related.

In this way, I felt that a food section on the blog makes the most sense. I’m following my passion, and the sharing will hopefully be helpful/meaningful to others. 

But I do want to address a couple things….

Most people who are familiar with the blog/me, know I’m vegan. That said, I wasn’t raised vegan, and I did have a break from vegan life for about a year or two (long story). During my break, and transition back into veganism, I faced a lot of negativity from others (vegan and non-vegans)- it was an eye opening experience that shifted my views. Mainly, the thing I learned is that judgments suck, and I will have no part of such. 

While the recipes I post are vegan, I’m not going to preach to you about veganism. Food is about choices; I’m simply sharing the beauty that vegan life has offered me. I am also sharing healthy foods, for I almost always use organic ingredients and create food art, with whole foods. (Keep that in mind when reading ingredients, I’m not going to list “organic,” as it goes without saying in my kitchen.)

Clearly, food at the most basic level, represents health and nutrition. However, food is also about gathering, and socializing. The foods I’m going to share here, are creations that my non-vegan family and friend’s love; you don’t have to be vegan to love these amazing, healthy, hearty, and compassionate foods.

Lastly, food undoubtedly affects our mind, body, and spirit. And so in the “Soul Fuel” section, the focus will be about food in general- making healthy choices, looking at how food affects our mood, social concerns (local business/farmers markets etc.). I’ll most certainly share with you all, the amazing food discoveries I find while traveling, too!

By exploring food, I aim to provide insight on how food impacts personal well-being. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the new addition to the blog, get out and try new foods, and be inspired to create in your kitchen, as well!

Please note the change; look for food related posts/recipes under “Soul Fuel” on the home page.

And so without further ado ~ our first food blog post!cloves

(Why is it a cocktail? I don’t know… haha! Just enjoy it!)

Perfect for a cold night, this organic mulled wine was insanely delicious.

When my body is cold, I know I have to listen to that feeling….

sitting by the fire, wrapped in a fuzzy blanked, with an organic mulled wine that I created, warmed my soul.

We have to take care of ourselves.

On a cold night, create your peacefulness with this beautiful cocktail- cheers!

Peace and love, belly style~


New England Mulled Wine
Serves 4
A wine lovers dream cocktail, for colder weather. This beautiful, warming, and cozy creation is a fusion of wine, brandy, citrus, and spices ~ perfection. Peace & love, belly style.
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Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
15 min
Prep Time
10 min
Cook Time
15 min
  1. 750 ml Organic red wine
  2. 1/3 Cup Presidente brandy
  3. 5 Whole Cloves
  4. 2 Cardamon Pods
  5. 1 Orange Rind: from whole orange, cut into 4 pieces
  6. 1 Whole Vanilla Bean: split open lengthwise
  7. 2 Cinnamon Sticks
  8. 1/8 Cup Brown Sugar
  9. 1/8 Cup Raw Sugar
  10. 1 Cup Water
  11. 1 Coffee Filter
  1. Begin by peeling your orange and cutting the rind up into four equal pieces (you can eat or save the orange, bonus).
  2. Grab a medium size pot and combine the following ingredients: water, raw sugar, brown sugar, orange rind, vanilla bean, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and cardamon pods. Cook over low heat, for roughly 8-10 minutes, stirring frequently.
  3. Once your base has simmered for at least 8 minutes (I do a little more), add wine and brandy. Bring the pot to a slight bubble on low (enough bubbles to fuse with the wine & brandy) stir continuously for 2 minutes.
  4. Put a coffee filter in a mesh strainer over another pan.
  5. Strain your wine creation through coffee filter.
  6. Serve immediately.
  1. Garnish with orange and cinnamon stick!
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