November 14, 2015
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Good afternoon, from beautiful Florida! 

It’s a “love” day ~

I’m attending my dear friends wedding, here on the beach in Siesta Key. It’s 78, sunny, and breezy- a perfect day (I’ll share pics next week)!

Weddings are beautiful celebrations, but this wedding is especially exciting to me. I’ve known this amazing couple, Holly and Wendy, for 15 years. 

Today, their marriage ceremony is recognized as legal, in all states (finally)!

I’m elated to be a part of their most amazing day.

Love wins! 

And with that, I leave you with this little piece on love~

(Switch out the pronouns as you see fit- it doesn’t make a difference, at all. It’s about love. Period.)


He told her she looked most beautiful in the morning, with no makeup on.
She’d call him crazy, and paint her face that rosy pink.

He told her she looked breathtaking, wearing her sweatpants and sneakers.
She’d call him ridiculous, and step into heels, every time she stepped out the door.

He told her she looked captivating, when she’d let her hair flow naturally curly.
She’d call him insane, and straighten, pull back, pull up, or otherwise “fix” her hair right.

And then one day she listened.

There was an undefinable moment when she “let go.”

It felt freeing, to embrace herself, “as is.” It felt amazing to be loved, natural- bare face, bare soul.

And as always, weakness crept in. And as always, social pressures, doubt, and fear surfaced.

She turned to him and shouted; “Look at me; I don’t even take care of myself anymore.”

And as always, he looked at her with loving eyes, and said the most profound of statements;
“I’d argue you’re taking better care of yourself now, than you ever have.”

And she was loved.
And she continued to feel safe, loving herself as is. And accepting true love.

Love like that.
Wait for that kind of love.
You deserve love, a love like that.

Congrats, Holly and Wendy! 

Many, many, more years of love and happiness, to you!


~Peace, light, and love,