October 18, 2015
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Happy Sunday-funday, everyone!

I know I’m going to enjoy my Sunday- my family from Washington (state) are here visiting ~ time for a family gathering/brunch! Yay!

My family (mom’s side) is 100% Italian, and therefore the obvious rules apply- we must eat, drink, and be happy. In addition, one shouldn’t show up to a Italian party, without food or drink!

As such, I ‘m bringing homemade vegan burritos, and my “West Coast Bloody Margaritas”~ nom!

But first, I’m going to share the creation with all of you!

So let’s go!

I call these “West Coast” Bloody Margaritas,” because they are a whole lotta fun- like my family from Washington.

And let’s call a spade a spade; these amazing margaritas are a beautiful excuse to day drink! I prefer to lens them as sustenance with a dash of happy!

So if you’re looking for a unique, spicy, yet balanced morning cocktail- this “West Coast Bloody Margarita” is the one for you!

(*Side note- I don’t know why, but it’s hard for me to part with my secret recipe, haha!)

(**Side note- this recipe is ridiculously easy, bonus!)

(***Side note- bring these to a gathering, and you will be loved by all!)

Let’s get to makin’ this beauty! olive

(This recipe is what I use to make a good size “batch”of West Coast Bloody Margaritas.” I use a little less tequila than normal, so not to “overpower” a morning cocktail. Top your individuals cocktails with more tequila, if you prefer more).

22 oz Blanco Tequila
(2) 64 oz Tomato Juice
1/2 Cup olive brine (juice from the green olives)
1/8 cup A1 Sauce (I use A1, because Worcestershire Sauce isn’t vegan)
1 Tablespoon white pepper
1 Teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 Bottle spicy horseradish
1 Teaspoon dill weed
1  Heaping tablespoon Old Bay Spice
2 Tablespoons hot sauce of choice
2 Tablespoons sea salt
1 Heaping tablespoon Dijon Mustard
2 Fresh pressed organic limes
1  Fresh pressed  organic lemon

(Kosher salt for rim)

Literally throw all of those ingredients into a big stock pot and stir well!

Boom- done!

Pour contents of the stock pot, back into the empty tomato juice containers for easy travel storage, (or place in a couple of large pitchers) and refrigerate, until ready.

(I like to refrigerate mine for at least 4 hours before serving).

Rim glasses with lime and dip into a plate of kosher salt- put in freezer to set.

When ready to serve, remove glasses, fill them with ice and pour your drink. Garnish with celery, lime and olives.


Now, drink the spicy, yet citrusy balanced creation ~ she is a winner, indeed! Cheers!