October 25, 2015
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Well hey there~ happy Sunday-funday, to all!

Today, I was thinking about how to jazz up brunch, on this dismal New England morning.

Mexican food sounded like a good option (spicy, warm, comfy food). I began pulling ingredients from the fridge to make some vegan breakfast burritos…..

Cilantro ~ inspiration!

I have to admit, I’ve got a bit of a crush on cilantro. I mean, what’s not to love? This beautiful herb has medicinal properties, is packed with vitamins (especially vitamin K), and has a most unique cooling, yet heavy flavor.

As such, I joyfully created today’s beautiful margarita – the “Cilantro Crush Margarita.”

This beauty is simplistic and classic, yet jazzy. The flavor is a delicate balance of sweet, spicy, and refreshing. This cocktail is the perfect addition to any party!

And speaking of parties and entertaining, I’m including my easy Vegan burrito recipe- it’s the perfect paring for this margarita!

If you want to have a theme based brunch/ Sunday football gathering, this burrito and margarita will be a huge hit with guests (trust me, I have an Italian, non-vegan family, and they loved this creation)!

Let’s get to makin’ these beauties!burrito

“Cilantro Crush Margarita.” –Sweet, spicy, and cooling. Divine. 

2 Fresh Organic limes
4oz blanco tequila
2 oz agave
2 oz water
1 tablespoon Organic freshly chopped jalapeno
2 tablespoons Organic freshly chopped cilantro
(kosher salt and lime wedge for garnish)

First, take your chopped cilantro and jalapeno- muddle in the bottom of a shaker. Next, simply cut the limes in half; press juice (with lime press) into the shaker with your muddled deliciousness, and add ice. When finished pressing limes, use the remainder to moisten your glass and then salt the rim- place in freezer until ready.

Add the remaining ingredients to shaker and shake violently (the more the better). Pour contents of shaker into freshly salted glass . Drink the classic yet jazzy amazingness. Cheers!

Easy Vegan Burrito


Vegan refried beans (canned)
Daiya Vegan Shredded Cheddar “Cheese”
Sriracha (hot sauce)
Medium sized vegan soft tortillas

This is a really simple recipe- I’m not kidding about how many people love these suckers, nom! Anyhow- you’ll need George Foreman’s grill or you’ll have to press them in a pan on the stove. I use the Foreman grill. burrito2

Lay out a flour tortilla. Put a couple spoonfuls of vegan beans on the center. Top with cilantro, vegan cheese, and sriracha. Fold the sides of the burrito in, and then roll up. Place in your Foreman grill for about 5 minutes (or until crispy). Done!

If you do this on a stove top, you’ll have to press the burrito and then flip it to do the other side.

(Variations; add a little avocado, tomato, or vegan chorizo- nom! Serve with salsa or other hot sauce. My sister especially likes my vegan sour cream).

Either way, this is an inexpensive and healthy meal that everyone will love. It pairs perfectly with the Cilantro Crush Margarita! Enjoy!