September 21, 2015
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Today, I was meandering about the liquor store and my eyes caught sight of 1800 Coconut Agave Tequila. I’ve seen it before and have been interested. I’m not sure why I haven’t purchased it, but today I did the same thing- picked it up and put it back.

As I strolled on, I made my way through the cordials isle. Again, my eye caught an interesting bottle; this beauty- “Old Man Guavaberry Brand, Guavaberry Liqueur.”

Guavaberry is a legendary folk liqueur (rum based), which was first made centuries ago in private homes on St. Maarten.

Hmmmmm…. tropical….. where I want to be as the cold temperatures come on us. (Yes, it’s only September, but I hate the cold)

~ Inspiration!

Upon seeing this unique “tropical” liqueur, I decided coconut tequila might make a great pairing.

And per usual, I was correct!

Guavaberry liqueur is aged and has a beautiful fruity, yet woodsy/spice flavour; combined with the heavenly coconut tequila – perfection.

Tonight’s margarita is the perfect drink for a seasonal transition; a frozen “Spiced Coconut Margarita” with a toasted coconut & raw sugar rim ~ magical! Her vibe is that of sitting by a fire, at the beach, on an early fall night – it’s a beautiful thing!

(Bonus- super easy recipe)

Let’s get to makin’ this beauty!


8 oz  1800 Coconut Tequila

8 Old Man Guavaberry Brand, Guavaberry Liqueur

½  can of Coco Lopez

3 oz Pineapple juice

3  Fresh pressed organic lime

3 Cups Ice

(Unsweetened coconut and raw sugar for “Toasted Coconut Rim Dip”)

Nutmeg, cinnamon and cinnamon stick for garnishes

On a small plate make the “Toasted Coconut Rim Dip”

Bake 1 cup of unsweetened coconut at 400 on a baking sheet. It doesn’t take long… just watch it toast up. Once the coconut is fully browned, remove from the oven and let cool. Once cool, simply toss the coconut with a cup of raw sugar and plate the mixture.

Press your organic limes into a blender. Use the pressed lime (when finished) to moisten glasses and dip into rim dip. Place glasses in freezer to set.

Add all remaining ingredients to the blender filled with pressed lime juice; (Reserva 1800 Coconut Tequila, Old Man Guavaberry Brand, Guavaberry Liqueur, Coco Lopez, ice, and pineapple juice ) and blend until smooth. Grab those rimmed glasses from the freezer; pour in the contents from the blender. Top with nutmeg, cinnamon- garnish with lime & cinnamon stick. Drink the autumn, beach cozy amazingness.  Cheers!

Journey on,