September 27, 2015
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Okay; you may be a “Dallas Cowboys hater,” but you can’t hate on this creation- it rocks!

And it’s been made with utter love.

You see, this morning I promised football fans I’d make a Sunday- Funday margarita…..

I was all ready to settle in, create, drink and watch football….

BOOM- utter disappointment.

I live in New England – they apparently think it’s more important to have have Eagles/Jets on FOX. ARRRGH.

So, here I am creating in frenzy, because I made a promise.

But I MUST  get out and see my team rock it (go Weeden)!

Tony could use one of these right now, I bet.

I digress.


This one’s for the resilient. This one is for the rough and tough, for sure.

But if you’re looking for a unique and kick ass margarita- this one’s for you!

Today’s margarita blends garden fresh taste with fresh citrus- the “ROCKIN’ RHUBARB MARGARITA” is bold and classic. (Just like my Cowboys)!

A beautiful blend of a unique rhubarb liquor, tequila and spice- it’s a force to be reckoned with!

Enjoy, all!

Let’s get to makin’ this beauty!


4 oz Blanco Tequila

2 oz Rhubarb Liquor

1 oz Presidente Brandy

2 oz organic agave

2  Fresh pressed organic lime

2 oz water

Dash of all spice for topping

(Kosher salt and raw sugar for rim dip)

On a small plate make the sugar salt rim dip.

Simply combine equal parts raw sugar and kosher salt on a plate- set aside.

Press your organic limes into a shaker. Use the pressed lime (when finished) to moisten glasses and dip into rim dip. Place glasses in freezer to set.

Add all remaining ingredients to the shaker filled with fresh lime juice- shake violently! Grab those rimmed glasses from the freezer, add ice, pour the shaker over ice- sprinkle a lil’ all spice on top and garnish with lime. Drink the fierce, yet super chill amazingness.  Cheers!

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Journey on,