September 17, 2015
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Okay; I’m not a huge chocolate fan. But every now and then I desperately crave a sinful chocolaty treat.

It’s hard to find desserts that are “vegan friendly,” so I generally skip it altogether.

Well, last night my craving for chocolate was intense. I was also in a bitch mood. I couldn’t decide between wanting a cocktail or wanting to eat a tub of ice cream…

Ah ha!

PMS inspired margarita!

Now just because I said “PMS,” doesn’t mean it’s only for women.

Any man who likes margaritas and desserts- make one of these.

Any man who want to give the woman in his life a PMS RX – make her one of these (trust me on this one)!

And it’s super easy to make!

And it’s vegan – bonus!

This margarita creation is bizarre- God only knows how I came up with it.

(God only knows how I come up with most of my creative nonsense – it’s just my wiring, I guess)

But let me tell you– this creation is genius; a luxurious after dinner dessert/cocktail in one!

In my opinion, this margarita tastes like a carefully crafted chocolate truffle. So if you’re ready for a silky smooth, chocolaty “adult dessert,” I give you the “PMS MARGARITA” ~ a decadent delight.

Let’s get to makin’ this beauty!

save grand

4 oz Blanco tequila

2 oz Grand Marnier

1/3 cup Organic hemp milk

1 small Trader Joe’s Soy Ice Cream Sandwich

1 Cup Dairy free chocolate Ice Cream (I got mine local from Grass Roots Creamery- nom!) If you’re local, check them here

1 Fresh pressed organic lime

1 & ½ Cup Ice

(Brown sugar and kosher salt for “Sweet and Savory Rim Dip”)

On a small plate make the “Sweet and Savory Rim Dip” by combining equal parts brown sugar and kosher salt. Simple.

Press your organic lime into a blender. Use the lime to moisten glasses (this recipe makes about 2.5 servings) and press the glass into rim dip. Place glasses in freezer to set.

Add all remaining ingredients to the blender (Blanco tequila, Grand Marnier, hemp milk, ice, soy ice cream sandwich, non-dairy chocolate ice cream) and blend until smooth. Grab that rimmed glasses from the freezer, pour in the contents from the blender and serve. No garnish ~ this beauty needs to be seen “as is”.  Drink the sweet, savory, and utterly sinful amazingness.  Cheers!

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